Carpet Cleaning Fulham Odour Problem

A recent carpet cleaning job in Fulham, SW6 raised some interesting problems.   The carpet was in a rental propery on Munster Road and had beige carpets throughout the property.  We were asked to clean the property as the customer was moving out and needed an end of tenancy cleaning.

The carpet cleaning appeared to be a straight forward task except one major problem.  The customer had had a cat which had urinated in various locations.  The big problem with this is that a standard carpet clean is usually not sufficient to rid the property of the smell.  Quite simply the urine goes through the carpet and onto the underlay and, quite often the floorboards.    A standard steam clean of the carpet cleans the fibres of the carpet.  It does not clean the base of the carpet or the underlay.  On this occasion the customer decided to call in carpet fitters and replace the underlay in the parts effected.  We used a neutraliser on the carpet, left it for a significant time, and continued with the clean.

In addition to the above there were various stains on the carpet.  Fortunately these were not serious and were treated with standard spotters and removed.  We also offer the encapsulation carpet cleaning, so why not ask us about this.

When you are faced with a similar problem,  and require carpet cleaning fulham, give us a call.  We have a wealth of experience in dealing with all sorts of problems.  From red wine stains to oil marks we have the knowledge and the cleaning solutions to save the day!

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