Carpet Cleaning Fulham



Eco Cleaning London has provided clients in Fulham a broad range of carpet cleaning services for a number of years.  We’ve got regular clients in Fulham Broadway, North End Road and in around Parsons Green.  These clients include domestic customers as well as estate agents and letting agents.  We deliver high standards of carpet cleaning in London every time and use the best eco-friendly cleaning solutions and most dedicated cleaners.  In addition to carpets we offer end of tenancy cleaning, communal area cleaning and office carpet cleans.

How Often Should I Clean My Carpets


To maintain the look of your carpets and to extend the lifetime of them it is recommended that you clean them on a regular basis.  We use the most up to date eco-friendly cleaning products to do this and believe that this is the best way to ensure that your carpets look good and are free from damaging chemicals often used in the cleaning process.   


We chose to use green cleaning products because they clean to very high standards whilst not being damaging to the environment.  Often these products are plant based and can be safely poured down the sink.  In addition to being kind to the planet they also leave your home environment enhanced.  Your carpets are left chemically neutral so you can be sure the air you breath is free of toxins and other nasty chemicals.


Cleaning your carpets improves the home environment because many believe carpets act like giant filters in the home, trapping all manner of dust particles and other nasty things.  Were a room has no carpet you’ll notice that there is far more dust around.  This is not good for those that suffer from allergies and breathing problems.  Cleaning you carpets improve the carpets ability to act as a filter and keeps you home a pleasant place to be.


Steam carpet cleaning is the recommended method for cleaning domestic carpets and gives them the deepest clean available.  The method, often referred to as Hot Water Extraction, cleans to the very base of the carpet.  The method involves hot jets of water being sprayed deep with the carpet, then quicking removed using powerful vacuums.  This process removes all the dust and dirt that has built up within the fibers over the months or years since the last clean.


The use of eco cleaning solutions for this process has the added benefit that there is no chemicals remaining in your carpet once the process is complete.  Your carpet will now be safe for all the family. And your pets.


Carpet Stain Removal Fulham


For stain removal in SW6 why don’t you give us a call the moment you spill your coffee, wine, tea…..  The quicker the spillage is dealt with the easier it is to stop a permanent stain from forming.  We’ve dealt with all manner of stains and have the experience and knowledge to remove many of them.  While we can’t guarantee that we’ll remove all stains we’ll use our 10 years experience to try our hardest.


Our technicians have the experience and the training to identify carpet types, choose relevant spotter and remove the offending stain.  While some stains are permanent we have a good success rate on many common problems.  Where we believe a stain is permanent we will advise the customer of this so they are not wasting their time and money.


Remember it’s easier to remove a fresh stain that one that’s been there for days or weeks so get it dealt with immediately.  For carpet stain removal Fulham give us a call.


Carpet Odour Problems Fulham


A common problem we’ve come across is carpets with bad smells.  These odour problem can be caused by a variety of factor but are usually down to spillage and pet problems.  We have a variety of ways in which we can treat this but the standard approach is to use a odour neutraliser.  We have a variety of carpet odour neutralisers which can tackle the most problematic smells.


Carpet Protector Fulham



Applying a carpet protector to your carpet is a very good idea for those who are prone to the odd spillage or those with young kids.  The basic idea behind it is that you apply a thin protective film on your carpet that acts as a barrier between your carpet and spillages.  It gives you time to deal with the spillage before it seeps into the carpet fibers and creates a stain.  This is vital because stains can be ugly to look at and costly to attempt to remove.  Applying protector gives customers peace of mind. Especially if you’ve got kids.


A further benefit is that it extends the lifetime of your carpet.  The protected fibers don’t damage as quickly from everyday usage. Extend the lifetime of your carpet the next time you have it cleaned and benefit from years more use from what are expensive commodities.
Call us today on 0203 359 86188, or drop us an email,  to discuss your carpet, rug and upholstery needs in Fulham, SW6.  We will be happy to provide a quote or advise you about any problems you may have.