The encapsulation method of carpet cleaning is a low moisture approach which is much talked about amongst carpet cleaners in Chelsea these days.  Although mostly used in commercial carpet cleaning it definitely has it’s place in domestic properties. 

We have successfully used this technique in properties in Chelsea and Kensington on numerous occasions over the last year. It is perfect when people require extremely quick drying times.

How Does Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Work?

It works something like this.  After a good vacuum the encapsulation solution is sprayed onto the carpet and agitated into the fibers.  The solution then attacks the nasty stains and soils, separating soils from fibers.  The crystallizing polymers, as the cleaning solution is technically called, surround or encapsulate the detergent in solution and the soils that are now suspended or emulsified.  a good vacuum now removes them from the carpet.

Not only does the carpet stay clean longer, but spillages and stains are also “encapsulated” as they attempt to wick back to the surface.This is a magor problem with traditional methods such as hot water extraction.

After the encapsulation is added and worked into the carpet, the carpet (well, the areas that are lighter) looks clean.

It’s not really. The soil is still there, but it is “encapsulated” and waiting for someone to vacuum.

Each time the carpet is vacuumed, it gets cleaner because more soils inside the crystal polymers are vacuumed away.This may not be the best explanation of the process available but I’m sure you can see why people like the idea. 

Quick Drying Carpet Cleaning Chelsea

When carpet cleaning chelsea, and beyond, customers have been drawn to the quick drying aspect of it.  With steam carpet cleaning it often takes four hours or more to dry. This means that families can’t use the area cleaned over that period.  This can pose a problem for people. an inconvenience if you like.

An equally important factor that customers love is the fact that the carpet gets cleaner the more it’s vacuumed.  This is a revolutionary idea.  I remember being impressed when I first heard about it. 

So when you are considering getting you carpet cleaning done think about this as a method that might have added benefits.  While it’s not ideal for some carpet types it certainly is for others.  Check out this post about how to avoid carpet cleaning common problems

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