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It’s something that we’ve all done at some point. Whether it be a glass of wine, a cup of coffee or a plate of food we’ve all experienced thw horror of dropping it on our carpet.  For carpet stain removal London read on.

The big question everyone asks is what should I do. The best thing to do is take immediate action before the spillage has time to penetrate the fibres and make matters a whole lot worse. Once this has been done you can contact a london carpet stain removal expert.  In general the actions to follow should be based upon the following steps.

  1.  Scoop up immediately as much as possible of any spillage using a simple spoon or knife or whatever else is handy.
  2. Time is important.  In particular try not to let any hot spillages dry or cool.  This will make it more difficult to remove.
  3. Using some sort of blotting cloth or sponge remove as much as possible. Remember to work from the outside of the stain to the inside.  This stops you spreading it and potentially making it worse!
  4. Avoid rubbing the stain during any part of this process as it may cause damage to the area you’re trying to restore.
  5. Once the stain has been removed use kitchen towel or something similar to blot up the remaining moisture.
  6. Don’t walk on the area until it’s totally dry.

The above is a very basic description of what you should do immediately after a spillage on your carpet or rug. Because there are so many possible spillage scenarios on so many different carpet types it’s impossible to go into detail about how to deal with every different type of spillage.  We recommend calling your local carpet cleaning company.

Should I use a Supermarket carpet cleaner on stains?

We recommend that you should seek the assistance of a qualified carpet cleaner for any stains.  Buying a stain removal product off the shelf on the High Street can often cause big problems.  One of the big problems is that the content of them can vary greatly.

Some have a very high chemical balance, or ph, which can near enough bleach carpets.  The reaction varies depending on what type of carpet you have.  Is it pure wool or a mix. or maybe a synthetic one.

One of the biggest errors is people trying to remove oil marks from carpets with supermarket spotters.  Most of these are not made to do this and so the customer is wasting their time and money.  Oil stains are very common I’ve found and should be removed by a professional using degreaser type products which are readily available.

On more than one occasion I have removed oil marks that have not been removed by the previous carpet clean.  There really is no need for this.

Should I have Carpet Protector Applied?

It’s usually after a horror story spillage that people think should I have my carpets protected.  While it may be too late for some it is something worth considering if you’re having new carpets fitted.   Protecting your carpets by applying a scotchgard type product can give you a breathing space when you spill something.  

It applies a protecting layer to your carpet to stop spillages seeping into the fibres and staining.  It gives you time to react and get through to the kitchen and get the necessary tools for the job. It won’t guarantee that you won’t damage your carpet. You can’t ignore spillages on the basis that you’ve had carpet protector applied.  

Based on the expense of new carpets these days and the relative low cost of protection we think it is wise to consider this.  Don’t wait until you’ve ruined your new rug or carpet.