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Eco Cleaning London offers our customers 100% eco-friendly carpet cleaning that deep cleans for total satisfaction.  For carpet cleaning SW1 look no further than here. With over 10 years experience you’ll be amazed with the results we deliver.

Our services are delivered to our customers promptly and to extremely high standard.  

We have provided customers in SW1 with these services for nearly 10 years and have many happy customers in SW1 and surrounding areas.  In addition to domestic customers we offer our services to estate agents, letting agents and commercial customers in general.  We clean communal areas as well as offices and shops.

Eco Carpet Cleaning SW1

Using the finest and most up to date eco-cleaning materials and procedures we offer clients in SW1 fantastic carpet cleaning services.  We chose to offer green cleaning to customers because of customer demand and our belief in providing a service which benefits everyone without damaging the environment.  It’s not just the planet we’re concerned about it’s the environment within your home which we wish to improve.  

Cleaning your carpets improves the home environment.  Many would suggest that your carpets are like giant filters in your home.  They trap all manner of dust particles and allergens which aggravate many who suffer from allergies and breathing issues.  Without carpets in a room you quickly notice an increase in air bourne dust.  Over a period these filters get blocked and need a deep clean.  Carpet cleaning gives your carpet the deep clean it needs.  

Steam carpet cleaning, also referred to as Hot Water Extraction, is the recommended method for cleaning domestic carpets.  The process involves a hot jet of cleaning solution, or water, being injected into the carpet.  This is then removed using powerful vacuums to leave your carpet clean and fresh.  This deep clean reaches parts normal vacuuming never reaches.  Our process leaves the carpet damp but can be dry within 4 hours.

Using eco cleaning solutions for this process has the added benefit that there is no chemicals left in your carpet once the process is finished.  Your floor coverings will be safe for all the family and your pets.

Carpet Stain Removal SW1

For stain removal in SW1 look no further than Eco Cleaning London.  While standard cleaning often removes unwanted stains there are times when you will need professional stain removal.  We have years of experience dealing with all manner of marks on customer carpets.  We’ve dealt with wine spillages, coffee, tea, vomit and the rest.

Our technicians have the experience and the training to identify carpet types, choose the relevant spotter and remove the stain.  While some stains are permanent we have a high success rate on many common stains.  Where we believe a stain to be permanent we will advise the customer of this to insure that they are not wasting their time and money.

When you spill something on your carpet it is important that you deal with it as soon as possible.  

Seek advice from the internet on what can be done immediately to reduce the risk of a permanent stain.  Where possible call on a professional as soon as possible.  It’s easier to remove a fresh stain than one that’s been there for six months or so.


Other Carpet Cleaning Services SW1

We can also offer customers services such as carpet protector application, carpet odour treatment and sanitiser.  These services are delivered to the same high standards as our other services and are very popular with our domestic customers.  

Carpet Protector SW1

Applying a carpet protector to your carpet is a very good idea for those who are prone to the odd spillage or those with young kids.  The basic idea behind it is that you apply a thin protective film on your carpet that acts as a barrier between your carpet and spillages.  It gives you time to deal with the spillage before it seeps into the carpet fibers and creates a stain.  This is vital because stains can be ugly to look at and costly to attempt to remove.

Applying protector gives customers peace of mind. Especially if you’ve got kids.

A further benefit is that it extends the lifetime of your carpet.  The protected fibers don’t damage as quickly from everyday usage. Extend the lifetime of your carpet the next time you have it cleaned and benefit from years more use from what are expensive commodities.

Call us today on 0203 598 6188, or drop us an email,  to discuss your carpet, rug and upholstery needs in SW1.  We will be happy to provide a quote or advise you about any problems you may have.