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There are many reasons why you should clean your Chelsea carpets on a regular basis.  According to some carpet manufacturers they should be cleaned every six months.  

While this may seem a little often for some it may be spot on for those with kids. For carpet cleaning Chelsea and surrounding boroughs we recommend an eco friendly clean.  Below we’ll go through a few reasons why everyone should follow this advice.

Reason to Stean Clean your Carpets

The first reason to get your carpets steam cleaned is for simple hygienic reasons.

Over the months and years carpets will absorb a variety of spillages from food and drinks.  These spillages will require a proper wet clean to rinse the remains of the stains from the base of the carpets.

Regular cleaning of your carpets will extend the life of them by removing damaging dirt and grime that can damage the fibers the longer they are there. This is a particular problem with man-made fibers.  

A good clean will also make your carpets look better. There is nothing worse than seeing stains on your carpets on a daily basis. Our experienced technicians will use all their skill and knowledge to make your carpets look as good as possible.

What is Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning is the term given to what is technically called the Hot Water Extraction method of carpet cleaning.  Most people agree it is the deepest clean you can give your carpets.  

The process starts with a full vacuum of the area to be cleaned followed by the application of a pre-spray which helps break down surface dirt and stains.

Carpey Stain Removal

Stains that are problematic are spotted with one of a variety of spotters. Common stains requiring spotting include wine, tea, coffee and oil based stains.

The next stage is the steam cleaning part of the process. Hot water or cleaning solution is pumped into the fibers and extracted moments later using powerful vacuums.  This flushes out all the dust, dirts and toxins that lurk with your carpets.  

This procedure will freshen up your carpets and leave them smelling, looking and feeling fresh as the day you laid them.  Obviously some surfaces will be so stained, worn and dirty that they will not look like new after cleaning!

Which  Chelsea Cleaning Company Should I Call?

Choosing the best company for you should be based on a variety of factors.  You want a reliable company that will turn up and complete the job to your satisfaction.  They should be insured for any possible accidents and be experienced to ensure that everthing that should be done to remove risk is done.  
Choose a Chelsea company where you can see that previous customers are happy with the work that they have done.  A recommendation is so important these days and readily found online.  

The internet has made it so much easier to leave reviews of services that you have used.  Make reviews and help other consumers.  It really does make it easier to get things right.