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In addition to our domestic carpet cleaning service Eco Cleaning London offers commercial carpet cleaning to it’s customers in Chelsea and beyond.  We have cleaned hundreds of offices, shops and other commercial premises, many in and around the Kings Road, over the years using a variety of different techniques from dry carpet cleaning to traditional steam cleaning.  We believe that for commercial carpet cleaning chelsea we should be your first port of call.

Office Carpet Cleaning Chelsea

The approach to commercial carpets varies for a number of different reasons.  Often the type of carpet is different, usually tougher and with less pile than your average house carpet.  They tend to be made of synthetic materials as opposed to the traditional wool carpets found in many homes.  In addition to this the carpets are often tiles with a rubber type backing.  

Another difference is the area covered.  Often offices are hundreds, often thousands, of metres in terms of area.  Techniques used in small houses would not be economical to use in large industrial sized settings.  For example using steam cleaning would require significantly more hours to clean the same area as it would using low moisture methods such as encapsulation.   Cost is a significant issue in this industry.

Low Moisture Cleaning

One final, and significant difference, is that often offices have lots of technology like computer systems and general wiring for telephones and such.  It is very important to keep levels of moisture in the environment to a minimum in case it affects these systems.  Methods used in the home leave too much moisture in the carpet in the opinion of many in the industry.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning 

When it comes to options there are basically two that we will discuss.  This is low moisture and dry cleaning systems.  While both have advantages and disadvantages we tend to  recommend low-moisture options to our customers except in the rarest of circumstances.

Low moisture carpet cleaning often involves using machines to bonnet the area.  Firstly the area is sprayed with what we call an encapsulation product.  This is then went over with a pad, often made of cotton, which removes much of the surface dirt.  The bonnet cleaning chemical will become a dry crystal upon drying and the remaining dirt with the carpet will be removed with a post vacuum.

This method is quick and the results are surprisingly impressive.  The process low levels of water and the cleaned carpet is ready to use within hours of completion.  Any stains are often removed with this method and the instances of carpet stains returning when dry are significantly reduced.

Dry carpet cleaning is often requested and sometimes necessary in some commercial settings.  This approach uses what we call dry compound, which is applied to the carpet and went over with contra-rotating brushes.  The saw-dust like dry compound absorbs any dirt and is removed with a vacuum at the end.  While we do not believe this approach to be as effective as encapsulation it certainly has it’s place in the industry.

So, if you are looking to get your commercial carpets cleaned in Chelsea, whether it be an office or a shop, give us a call.   We will call round and inspect the area which needs cleaned and offer a full cleaning programme to keep your carpets in tip-top condition.