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Have you every thought about how clean your London carpets are? Were you aware that your carpets can hold as much as four times their original weight in dirt?  That’s right, you heard correctly.  Four times it’s weight.  Now considering you live in London you’d have to agree that it’s probably even more.  Busy streets and roads kick up a hell of a lot of dust.  For carpet cleaners London look no further thank here

The list of things hiding within your carpet fibers include dust mites, pet hair, pet urine, dead skin cells, dust, insect feces, insect husks, bacteria, mold, volatile organic compounds, and many other types of allergens.  If you are now reconsidering have your carpets cleaned check out eco cleaning london.  Failing to deal with this issue can effect the environment within the house and the health of those within it. 

A recent study of London households found that…..

  • 90% of people admit to spilling food on the carpet and eating it. If your carpets are dirty, just think about what you are actually putting into your stomach. Forget that five-second rule. Bacteria can live for up to four weeks in carpeting, and if there is any in yours, which there likely is, that bacteria is going to get on your food.
  • 75% of people admit to walking about the carpets in their house with outdoor shoes on.  This can lead to all manner of things being brought into your home from the street and trodden in to the carpet.  Vacuuming alone will not always rid your carpets of that level of bacteria.
  • 70% of people admit to moving furniture around to cover stains in their carpets rather than clean the stains. Spills should be cleaned immediately, to prevent stains from forming. If there are stains, stop moving your furniture around and call a professional carpet cleaning service to get rid of them.

Why my Carpets need Steam Cleaned

While nobody is disputing the value of vacuuming their home there is a downside to this for those with respiratory problems and allergies.  The simple fact is that vacuuming is not going to remove all the ground in bacteria and dirt from your carpets. 

Also, you find that the air that is being blown out of your vacuum is far from clean air.  That’s because the area being vacuumed is one of the five dirtiest places in your home which also includes dish cloths, rubbish bins, washing machine and toilet.  A professional clean of your carpet will remove all the deep down dirt and bacteria which remains within your carpet after cleaning.


Clean Carpets For a Healthy Home

The function of a carpet in many people’s eyes is to look good and feel soft on their feet.  This is all very true but there is one often over-looked function that a carpet does that is very important to maintaining a healthy home.  Put simply, carpets trap and hold onto dust and dirt which can otherwise float about your home environment and cause health issues, especially those with breathing problems and allergies.  Some may describe a carpet as a giant filter.   Allergens are trapped within it and vacuumed up.  Have you ever noticed that in houses with wooden floors there is often more dust about.  If you swap your carpets for wooden floors don’t expect it to enhance your home environment.

Why Should You Deep Clean your Carpets?

Carrying on this theme of your carpet as a large air filter within your home you must ask what happens when the filter is full?  Remember what we were saying earlier about dirt and bacteria getting ground into your carpets.  Over time the carpets will get full of this grime and stop keeping your home healthy.  This is when you need to get those carpets professionally cleaned. 

How Often Should I Clean my Carpets?

For carpet cleaning London we recommend you have them cleaned once every six months.  This will remove the deep lying dirt and significantly improve the air quality within your home.  Your carpets will once again act as those giant filters withing the home!

Clean Carpets Reduce Harmful Allergens

Although no-one wants to think about a mountain of dirt, dust, mites and other nasties buried in their carpet, it is important to make sure your carpets are kept clean; especially if you have kids or someone in your family has allergies. House dust is the number one cause of allergies, and just 0.000001g of an allergen is enough to trigger a reaction.

The Carpet Institute of Australia recommends having your carpets professionally cleaned every 12-18 months; however, they will need doing more often (every 6 – 12 months) if you have kids, pets or allergies. 

If you are one of the 4 in 10 people who has never had your carpet professionally cleaned, or it’s been a year or more since the last visit, it might be time to find a qualified, reliable and professional carpet cleaner to make sure your carpets are completely clean, free of nasties, and not comprising your family’s health.