The above photo looks over the Thames towards Chelsea.  It was taken during a break from cleaning carpets in a large two bedroom property in the newly built riverside apartments.  The carpets were standard cut pile ones which were looking in a bad way after the tenants had moved out.  To find out more about carpet cleaning Chelsea read on. The standard approach is to use steam cleaning on domestic carpets but when they’re in a real bad way you’ve got to change your approach.  In this case we used what you call a contra rotating brush on them.  These brushes, which we often use on office carpets, can often transform carpets which look to be finished.  The lift the pile and also get the cleaning solution into the base of the carpet.  The aggitation created by the tough brushes loosens dirt which has become ingrained over the months and years.  When you then go over the carpet with the tradition hot water extraction, commonly called steam cleaning, you get fantastic results. The use of two methods of cleaning may appear to be a time consuming exercise but it’s actually the opposite.  While the time taken to set things up is increased it significantly reduces the latter stages of the process.

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