Choosing the best carpet cleaning company to suit your needs in London is a huge task.  The amount of companies that a google search throws up is staggering.  Remember you are letting someone into your home that you don’t know.  If you live in London you want to find the best possible carpet cleaning London company.  You can help yourself by follow these simple tips.

How to Choose the Right Carpet Cleaning Company in London

Our first piece of advice is to check how long the carpet cleaning company has been operating.  This is a good barometer of the worth of the service they provide.  A company with many years experience must be doing something right!

Make sure they’re Insured to clean your carpets

When selecting a carpet cleaning London company find out if they have insurance.  This is vital because you want to protect your carpet and household.  Accidents do happen so make sure you are protected.

Check if the Cleaning company is reliable and established

We recommend that you do a bit research before letting any carpet cleaning London company into your home.  Check the reliability of the company.  The internet is a good place to find out how reliable they are through the reviews that customers write.  If the company provides a poor service you can guarantee that a customer will leave a poor review for them.  While it can be difficult to get customers to leave a review for you it tends not to be the case if a company provides a poor service.

Ask for references from previous customers

A good carpet cleaning company in London will be able to, and willing, to provide you with references from previous clients that will testify that they provide a good service.  This allows you to make a more informed judgement before you hire someone.


Get an estimate for the work you want done

We always recommend that you obtain an estimate.  Provide details of what you need done.  Let them know the condition of your carpet and the sizes of the areas which need cleaned.  This prevents any nasty problems regarding price once the job is complete.


Also, why don’t you ask what machine they use, what process they use and which cleaning agents they intend to use. This will give you an idea about how professional they are and how up to date they are with the industry.  In addition, any reputable carpet cleaning company will price a job based on the size of the carpet, the type and age of the carpet.  They will also take into account the amount of furniture that needs moved before cleaning can commence.  We recommend that you seek a London service which offers a realistic price.  Remember the price will cover things like machinery, cleaning materials and man hours.  A price which sounds too low might often lead to problems further down the line.

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