End of Tenancy Cleaning Chelsea

End of Tenancy Cleaning Chelsea


Like all areas in London, Chelsea has a significant amount of properties for rent.  As you’re probably aware each of these properties needs to be cleaned to the highest of standards when you vacate the property.  Eco Cleaning London has cleaned hundreds of rental properties in the Chelsea area for tenants moving out of a property and for letting agents and landlords.  End of Tenancy Cleaning in Chelsea is something we do to extremely high standards.


We are called upon because we know the standards required for cleaning in these circumstances.  Our detailed cleans and based on hard work and extensive checklists.  For end of tenancy cleaning in Chelsea we can clean your property to the highest of standards.


End of Tenancy Clean Versus a Domestic Clean in Chelsea


What’s the difference between an end of tenancy clean and a standard domestic clean I am often asked.  The main difference is the intensity of the clean.  Many will call it a deep clean.  Or a move out clean as it is often called.  


When our cleaners go into a property they work to a very detailed checklist to ensure that each and every surface and hidden corner is cleaned.  Failure to clean every inch of your property can lead to delays in getting your deposit back and disproportionate deductions from your deposit.  These are the things you want to avoid as it is usually a stressful enough time without any avoidable problems.


Our cleaners are also experienced in end of tenancy cleaning Chelsea in that they know what level of cleaning is required.  Novice cleaners often give things a quick clean and believe that’s sufficient.  We know that a bit hard work is required, as well as the correct cleaning material, to make sure each and every area is tip-top.  The person checking you out of your property checks everything very thoroughly.


If any faults are found at this stage then the agents will often get their own cleaners in to remedy the situation.  Often, I’m told, this is at somewhat inflated prices.  By doing an extensive check at the end of every clean we believe we can avoid any costly errors.

What is Included in an End of Tenancy Clean in Chelsea


An end of tenancy clean involves everything that you can think of and probably a little bit more.  For starters you have what some call the deep clean.  It’s kind of a more in-depth domestic clean of all areas of the house.  Each and every surface and even the areas you can’t see must be included.


In addition to the above it is also necessary to consider the carpets.  The carpets in a standard house will require a steam clean.  This hot water extraction method will flush away all sorts of dust and dirt from deep within your carpets.

When  moving out of your Chelsea house or apartment you must also remember that it might be included in your contract that the upholstery and curtains need cleaning.  This is something else we can help you with.  We have a variety of methods available to do this from wet cleaning techniques to dry cleaning options.
In summary if you want your property to be cleaned to the highest of standards when the time comes to moving give Eco Cleaning London a call.  We have the experienced staff and the knowledge to clean your property to a level which you’ll not believe.