The process of encapsulation office carpet cleaning London is something that you’ve maybe heard of over the last few years.  It’s a low moisture approach which can be used for both domestic and commercial settings.  The benefits of this way of cleaning is that the drying times a short and the quality of clean is of a very high standard.  The following post will cover this and some other benefits that you might find attractive.

Office Carpet Cleaning Drying Times

One of the most commonly asked questions I come across is people asking how long the carpets will take to dry.  With encapsulation I can tell them it will be within the hour.  That’s a conservative estimate as I’ve seen them dry within 30 minutes.  This means that you can enter a premises or a home and within an hour of you finishing the carpets are ready to use.  This is a massive positive in all scenarios but just think about offices and workplace that are open seven days a week.  With this approach the carpets can be done in the early morning or evening and a fine and ready for the workers arriving.  An excellent selling point.

Another practical, and essential, benefit of this method of cleaning is that very little water is required to carry it out.  This is a must when cleaning offices as too much moisture in the office is not good for the extensive computer systems and such that are an integral part of the modern office.  Keeping levels of moisture low limits the chances of damaging the office and the resulting insurance claims associated with these things.  Office carpet cleaning in London with encapsulation products is a sensible approach for both cleaning company and the client.

Reduced Office Carpet Cleaning Times With Encapsulation Cleaning

Using low-moisture encap methods for cleaning office carpets has the added benefit to the client that the times to cleaning large areas is significantly reduced using this method.  This means that offices are not out of use for long periods of time and that far more competitive prices can be offered.

Although there are a variety of methods of delivering this type of cleaning they are all far quicker than traditional methods such as steam cleaning.  Encap cleaning can be done with rotary machine and also Contra Rotating Brush systems(such as the one in the picture)  These machines can cover large areas of carpets very quickly.  Although they can deliver quickly the quality of the clean is very high.

With the cost of this approach being far more competitive it means a reduction in maintenance costs.  Alternatively it means the areas can be cleaned on a far more regular basis than in the past.  This also has a knock on effect on the life span of the surfaces which economically is a massive positive.

Encapsulation Office Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal

Encapsulation products are great for removing stains from a variety of carpet types.  Not only are they great at removing stains but they can help stop problematic stains from re-appearing as the carpet dries.  This is fantastic news because quite often stains removed by steam cleaning have a habit of returning.  This can cause the carpet cleaner time and money resolving these issues.

Office carpets tend to get more than their fair share of coffee stains.  The good news is that encap products are fantastic on problematic coffee stains.  Coffee stains are one of the main culprits when it comes to stains reappearing. Ask any  office manage and they’ll tell you that this is a major problem.  With this approach this headache can be dealt with once and for all.

The above is a brief explanation of some of the positives to the use of encapsulation cleaning solution for office carpet cleaning London.   For further benefits and a discussion of how this approach would suit your situation feel free to contact on 020 3598 6188.




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