Eco Cleaning London has been cleaning carpets in the Chelsea postcode for a number of years.  We provide customers with a variety of services from Sofa and Rug to carpet cleaning Chelsea.  In this post I want to outline some of the issues regarding carpet cleaning and what to look out for when you get round to getting them cleaned. With the cost of new ones in the region of a thousand pound or more it’s worth taking your time when hiring.

Why should I get my Chelsea carpets regularly cleaned?

If you ask any carpet manufacture how often your carpets should be cleaned then they’ll probably tell you anywhere between every 6 months and every 2 years.  That difference is down to the fact that each house is different.  

If you’ve got young kids you’d probably want to get them done on a fairly regular basis.  Spillages, sickness and the like should be dealt with as soon as possible to reduce the risk that you carpet will be stained.  It’s a fact that stains left for months are more difficult to remove than ones which happened only the day before.  Time matters because often a lengthy delay will make it impossible to remove.  

For couples and those on their own you’d probably want to get your carpets cleaned every year to 18 months.

Health benefits of cleaning my carpet

Again the answer to this will be different depending on who you ask.  My take on it is that carpets act as a large filter in your home.   The carpet fibers trap airborne dust in them and this is then collected up when you vacuum.  Have ever noticed that in properties with wooden flooring there tends to be lots of dust swirling about?  Many people think that getting rid of the carpets will improve the air quality.  I think it’s the exact opposite.   Over a period of time your carpet will require a deep clean to flush out all the dust and such which is trapped deep within the pile.  A good carpet cleaner, with the correct equipment, will be able to do this task in a quick and safe manner without damaging your floor coverings.

Should I get my carpets eco cleaned?

The answer to this is an obvious yes from us.  The quality of green cleaning products has improved greatly over the last decade or so.  It’s now no longer necessary to use powerful chemicals to get the desired level of cleaning results.  Plant based solutions can get exactly the same effects without you compromising the quality of the air you and your family breath within your home.  Eco products include stain spotters, allergy treatment, sanitisers and more.  Ask your carpet cleaner what product they’ll be using and why they’re not using eco-friendly ones.  Your home environment is crucial to your well being.

Can you remove stains from my carpet?

Removing stains is an essential part of carpet cleaning that we all wish we could guarantee.  Many companies advertise that they guarantee the removal of stains.  Eco Cleaning London does not use this ploy because we believe in being honest with our customers.  It’s a simple fact that some things will permanently damage your carpet.  We’ve all attended a job where there is an ols stain that many people have tried to remove.  It’s still there because it’s permanent.  We find that giving an honest prediction of the outcome is better for us and the customer.

Despite the above we do remove many, many carpet stains.  We use a variety of techniques and spotters to remove many wine, oil and other spillages.  The best thing to do is to contact your carpet cleaner as soon as possible once you’ve created the stain.  This is a better option than buying the first carpet stain remover you see in the supermarket.  Many a person has ruined their carpet by trying to do it themselves.  Often the spotter they use is not suitable for what they spilt or the type of carpet they have.  carpet cleaning in Chelsea

carpet cleaning chelsea
carpet cleaning chelsea

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