Carpet Cleaning Chelsea – Avoid Costly Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

In the days of less sophisticated machinery and harsh chemicals the over wetting of carpets was far more common than it is today.  A lack of professionalism and customers who rented machines to do it themselves were some of the reasons people required carpet cleaners in Chelsea.  Today we have far more powerful machines and more effective cleaning solutions.  

Despite this we still see a surprising amount of customers coming to us, in Chelsea and surrounding London boroughs, to deal with problems caused by over-wetting carpets.  The reasons for this include untrained and inexperienced carpet cleaners to the use of the wrong techniques.  We recommend using well trained, experienced people for your carpet cleaning Chelsea needs.  Apart from the inconvenience of long drying times, causing numerous problems to you and your family, why else is this a problem?

Carpet Cleaning Shrinking Carpet

Your carpet can shrink for a variety of reason but the main cause is too much water being left in them when they’re cleaned.  Your carpet cleaner may be applying too much cleaning solution, allowing it to penetrate the base of the carpet, or they may be using a machine which doesn’t have the power to extract the excess water.  The outcome is that as the carpet dries it shrinks.  

If the carpet shrinks a little it may be held in place by the fixings at the edge of your carpet and won’t represent a major issue.  However, any significant shrinkage may require the carpet to be professionally re-stretched or replaced. By hiring an established, experienced carpet cleaning Chelsea operator you’ll significantly reduce the risks of carpet shrinkage.

Another significant cause of problems is carpet cleaners using the incorrect method of cleaning.  Some carpets should not be cleaned using traditional hot water extraction methods.  They should be cleaned using a low moisture approach or even dry cleaned.  An experienced operator will be able to identify carpet type and choose the correct method.

Common Carpet Problems 

A carpet cleaned incorrectly and left over-wet for a long period of time will often develop a musty type smell that is caused by bacteria developing with the carpet fibers.  This smell is not pleasant and is totally avoidable.  A carpet cleaner following the correct procedure will ensure this does not happen.  

In addition to using the correct procedure and the best machinery available it is also important to allow a flow of air through your property.  This helps dry the carpet quickly before any musty smells can develop.

Customers often ask if they should close the windows and turn the heating up in a belief that this will help drying.  It will certainly not.  This will create moisture in the property and often causing problems such as outlined earlier.  So remember to open windows and doors if possible both during and after the cleaning process.  Using an experienced operator will help avoid this problem.  If you hire a machine and do it yourself make sure you are aware of the risks. These are avoidable problems.

Browning Caused by Carpet Cleaning

When people talk about browning problems they are referring to the brown spots that can appear out of nowhere after you’ve cleaned your carpet.  It is a problem particularly with wool carpets and jute backed carpets.

Again these problems tend to happen when customers do it themselves or use poor professional carpet cleaners.  A good technician will ensure that they get the chemical balance correct when they clean your carpets to avoid browning.  This involves neutralising the chemicals used in the cleaning process and ensuring that carpets are dried quickly and aren’t over-wet in the first place.

Next time your carpets need cleaned think about the potential problems of doing it yourself or using cheap, untrained operators to do it.  The problems which can arise can cause lots of stress and can be very costly to fix.  Do your research before hiring a company.  Ask them questions about what experience they have, what they’ll do to avoid the above problems.  If you’re in the Chelsea area of London give us a call today.

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